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Brain Couch Studios presents Adamant Ditto: The Video Game. Now YOU can suck at OUR video game!

Special thanks to Ian

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Twitter and 3DS Friend Codes



If you follow me here but not on twitter go say hi to @amandawillms1. If your FC isn’t on the AD google doc and you’d like it to be send me or Don your information, and remember to add me FC: 0018-0537-5254

Should have reblogged shit before posting this, lol!

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Accurate representation of the state of Mega Man right now.

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all i want for christmas is an adamant ditto

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VGM of the Whenever #83 (previously known as VGM of the Week!)

It’s been hard for us to do this thing regularly so I’m just making it whenever because I can! I’ll just post some music here if I happen to be jamming to something recently. This one comes from the new 3DS Zelda game that I have been enjoying but unfortunately don’t have time to play because school is wrapping up for this semester real soon plus a bunch of other things like the Pokemon Crystal Let’s Try That Again and everything else that’s coming with it. It’s the Lorule Overworld theme which is pretty much a remix/remaster of the Dark World theme from LttP except even better. I don’t know if they used real instruments but it sure sounds like it and I love it.

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Does Kyle have another channel called kkcomics?
Anonymous asked

I have not heard of kkcomics. Good to know that’s taken, though.


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Since Mario Kart 7 was released, we’ve always wished there was a way to stream 3DS Games and upload videos about them to the channel. With the release of Pokémon X and Y, our want for such a thing has reached even higher levels. Luckily for us, the internet has created such a device! Unlucky for us, it costs more than we have to spend, so we’re asking for help. On December 7th and 8th, we’re going to be doing a live stream marathon fundraiser of Pokémon Crystal in hopes of bringing in donations to try and raise money for a 3DS Capture Kit. We know it’s a lot to ask, especially around the holidays, but we’re going to try anyway. There’s plenty of incentives and perks for those who wish to help so please give a listen to all we have to say and as always, thanks for being fans!

Donation Link:

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We’re behind on getting new LTTA videos up (Even though we have three separate games to go up!) so here’s a new Pokémon Battles. I’m sure you’re all very disappointed.

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Here’s some Pokémon Battles because we love you and you love them.

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Shovelware Surivival #4

Phil will be playing Mary-Kate and Ashley: Mystery Mall in a few. He hasn’t started streaming yet but Shiny Dittos are already showing up in the chat so come and hang out!