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Hey, go check out Steven’s latest video all about how he made our brand new intro! It’s pretty informative and has a great montage of some of the best stuff from Pokémon Crystal already. 

And if you haven’t yet, subscribe to him on Youtube. He’s a super talented guy and makes all kinds of art videos!

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Hey, we’re Adamant Ditto and while we’re sure a lot of you know us already, some of you newcomers might not and well, we want to fix that. So we put together this little video showcasing who we are and what we do. We appreciate each and every one of you for stopping by and even beginning to watch this video and we hope there’s something in there ya like so we can see you around a lot more. So, come on and get to know us and of course, welcome, to Adamant Ditto,

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You guys aren’t going to believe this one. After having a lot of technical difficulties with some other planned Beat ‘Em Ups, Matt decided to try and cheer everybody up by playing one of the worst beat ‘em ups he’s ever found; Mug Smashers for the Arcade. It looks bad, it plays bad, it just is bad. But man, is it a riot. So watch as the gang lose their collective minds and take on the Mad Dog gang in Mug Smashers!

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Alright so here’s some more sprites in line with my Derpy sprites from a while ago, this time based on this random Simpsons shirt I have where the characters are these weird lookin’ 8-bit sprites. They’re kind of Mother-style RPG sprites. I like ‘em. So I decided to make all of the members of Adamant Ditto in the same style! I also made some honorary Adamant Dittos at the end there with Snoop Dogg, Christopher Walken, Ricky’s girlfriend Natasha and a Ditto, of course.

So yeah. Enjoy more of my self-indulgence.

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So this happened. Happy Josh Month, everybody!

This deserves to be seen by all.

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BEAT EM' UP MOOONTH! Hey guys! Huge fan of your videos, I'd like to ask 2 questions: Are you guys gonna do Streets Of Rage 2 for Beat Em' Up Month? I remember during Mega Man 7 that one of you said there was "Lost Footage" of you guys playing that, leading to my 2nd question, do you have a list of "Lost LTTAs"?
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First of all, thanks for being a fan! We always appreciate hearing the people like our videos!

Second, Streets of Rage 2, as well as the whole Streets of Rage trilogy, really, are among the beat ‘em ups we really want to do for the channel. The problem is, since very few of us live in the same state, in fact, almost none of us, it’s hard to play those games together. Most Sega Genesis emulators have poor online capabilities compared to the Super Nintendo and Arcade emulators we use. So while we’ve attempted Streets of Rage 2 and really want to do it, it’s kind of a crap shoot on whether we actually can get it up and running. We talk about it every Beat ‘Em Up Month, including this one so we’ll see what the future holds.

As for a list of lost LTTAs, we don’t really have a list saved but I’ll try to compile one right now from memory (I might miss something but hopefully one of my cohorts will chime in to let me know.)

Mega Man - The very first LTTA we ever attempted to do was actually Mega Man, not Mega Man 2. However, due to technical difficulties I don’t completely remember, it never came to be and Mega Man 2 ended up taking it’s place. Obviously, we did end up doing a LTTA of Mega Man, just months later.

Donkey Kong Country 2 - Another game we attempted to do long before we actually had a completed series to go on Youtube. We tried to do a LTTA of Donkey Kong Country 2 very early in our lifespan but due to emulator problems, Ricky couldn’t actually progress through the first few areas of the game and we didn’t go back for well over a year.

Streets of Rage 2 - The previously mentioned Streets of Rage 2 was lost to the sands of time when my computer had to be completely reset and I lost all of the data on it. It wasn’t very good anyway. There were few of us there and Ricky wasn’t even paying attention. Definitely not the treatment that game deserves.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time - This is another one that got destroyed with my computer. We actually managed to get four people to work with online co-op on MAME and we made it pretty far into the game but then something happened and it crashed and we couldn’t finish it. We wanted to go back later but then my computer died and the rest is history.

Super Mario World - This is one Ricky and I started and I remember it being pretty funny. I don’t think we originally planned for it to be a LTTA but it ended up being good enough that we wanted to put it up. But again, my dying laptop claimed another victim. We hope to go back to this one someday.

Dead Nation - This one was more of a case of miscommunication than it was anything else. Don and I had got this game and we wanted to stream and record because it had been a while. We had some people on and we figured why not. But nobody was really interested and we just kind of did it without getting everybody’s approval and it showed. We only completed the first stage that night. I don’t even remember what happened in it beyond nobody caring.

Metal Slug - Similar to Dead Nation, Metal Slug was me and Don trying to do something and nobody else paying attention. I want to go back and do this one again, though.

Mega Man X5 - The most recent LTTA lost to the abyss. Don actually intended to do this for the channel and beat the whole game one night for Shovelware Survival. He practiced and practiced many times before so as to not waste time but he ended up having a pretty bad run. It took over three hours to complete the game and by the end of it, only like, three of us were left. There was a lot of dead air and it just ended up being exhausting. I remember the beginning portions being good but it started to drag on a lot so we ultimately decided to just scrap it.

Wow, that is a lot more than I thought we had lost. Anyway, hope this answers your question!


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They e-mailed me a map and our table number. Yay!

Come see Steph and I at Anime Midwest!

Go visit Ricky if you’re going to Anime Midwest this weekend!

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Flash to After Effect Comparisons

Adamant Ditto’s Youtube.

Best ever!

The very best ever!

Check this badass new intro that Steven is working on for us!

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Beat ‘Em Up Month Strikes Back kicks off this Wednesday on our stream. Until then, enjoy this new Random Battles!